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Three Video Cassettes for home or classroom

  1. A Mystery Writer's Nova Scotia
  2. A Mystery Writer's Prince Edward Island
  3. A Mystery Writer's Newfoundland
Study Guides written by series educational consultant Pauline G. Webber


A Mystery Writer's Nova Scotia


Research for the novel, "The Ghost of Lunenberg Manor"

Eric Wilson revisits Lunenberg, Nova Scotia to describe the history, people and unique architecture of the town that led him to the plot for this early favourite.  Like many Maritime places, Lunenberg's history is tied to the sea and the attendant legends, myths and superstitions it inspires.  Blending the seafaring history with the homes and other buildings (including the famous school), Eric describes the process a writer goes through to create a plot and believable characters.  Also included is a side trip to Peggy's Cove, footage of the wild ponies of Sable Island, classic historical footage of the Bluenose in high seas, and a short dramatic sequence from the novel.


A Mystery Writer's Prince Edward Island


Research for the novel "The Green Gables Detectives"

On location in Prince Edward Island, Eric Wilson tours the historical buildings where Canada was born and the landmarks of the author, Lucy Maud Montgomery.  His purpose is to show young viewers the extent of his research leading up to the novel, "The Green Gables Detectives".  Eric describes his thoughts for a storyline and supporting characters.  The influx of tourists to one of the prettiest places in Canada plays an important role in his decision (as young viewers learn how a professional writer does his homework).  A dramatic sequence from the story is included as Liz searches for her lost Japanese friend, Makiko.


A Mystery Writer's Newfoundland


Research for the novel "The Ice Diamond Quest"

From the first aerial views of St. John's to the final sequence on its rugged cliffs, this video documents the research of Eric Wilson as he searches for a storyline in Newfoundland.  Focusing on information in the museums and libraries about shipwrecks and sailing, Eric soon finds his notebook full of possibilities.  The rugged beauty of the island, the indomitable spirit of the people and the endless shoreline give him an outline.  Showing how good research helps in the creative writing process, Eric explains that once this phase is completed, he will return home to write the final manuscript.  A scary dramatic sequence from the book is included.

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