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Story Themes from Eric's Books

Disneyland Hostage - When two young girls are taken hostage at the Magic Kingdom, they learn how to best behave in such a volatile situation.

Code Red at the Supermall - While solving a mystery set at Edmonton's massive supermall, Tom and his new friend Neil Raj Gill combat a gang of racist skinheads while Liz must deal with a gorgeous date who expects her obedience because he's older and a male.

Vancouver Nightmare - The reality of life in the streets for runaway kids.

The Kootenay Kidnapper - Street proofing examples for children, based on the Clifford Olson and Ted Bundy cases.

Spirit in the Rainforest - The earth belongs to us all and especially to the children, who are among the most courageous members of our society in fighting to protect old-growth forest.

The Green Gables Detectives - One of six Eric Wilson titles to be published in Japan, this story depicts the friendship that develops between two girls--one from Winnipeg, one from Kyoto--as they solve a mystery in Prince Edward Island.

Cold Midnight in Vieux Quebec - In Quebec City to play hockey, Tom explores the history of the region and in the process gains some insights into war toys and the link between greed and warfare.

The Ice Diamond Quest - While in Newfoundland with their mother Tom and Liz learn about her teenage years and why she broke her engagement to a domineering fiance.

The Prairie Dog Conspiracy - A Cree girl uses her courage and resourcefulness to help Tom save his kidnapped classmate.

The St. Andrews Werewolf - This novel presents readers with five strong females: Liz Austen, who turns down an important date because a young girl depends on her...Fran, a successful, single and happy business woman...Greta O'Neal, who stands up for her community despite enormous pressures...Miss Hannigan, who explains how she grew into the certain knowledge that "no one has power over me"...and Emily, a 9-year-old who learns that she too has the courage to set herself free from tyranny.

The Inuk Mountie Adventure - Tom encounters the ancient civilization of the Inuit and learns that their history and wisdom hold important lessons for contemporary children.

Escape from Big Muddy - In this retelling of TREASURE ISLAND, Liz Austen and her Metis friend Marie explore some unusual real-life settings in rural Saskatchewan while learning about the history of both the RCMP and Louis Riel.

The Emily Carr Mystery - In this adventure (set in Victoria, British Columbia) various young people learn how to deal with bullies.

Summer of Discovery - The fears and strengths of disabled kids.

The Unmasking of 'Ksan - The culture of B.C.'s Gitksan people is explored as two teenagers join forces to find a stolen ceremonial mask.

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