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Have Eric Visit Your School
To request a visit to your school, please write to Eric Wilson at

Eric speaks to students for 45 minutes, during which time he reads from one of his mysteries and explains how it was created (for example, he points out his use of the five senses, and he emphasizes the importance of planning in advance of writing a story). He also answers questions and gets students excited about the writing process and of course about reading. Throughout the presentation Eric hands out autographed postcards to those who correctly answer questions. This technique is very successful in getting and holding the full attention of the audience.

Eric then follows up with a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation featuring his research trip to the Arctic for The Inuk Mountie Adventure, allowing students to see how an author develops a story. All in all, the presentation is effective in getting even the most reluctant readers excited about books and writing.

As a former teacher Eric has no trouble with discipline. He speaks to as many as 250 students at a time and recommends grades 4 through 8 as his target audience.

A Saskatoon teacher librarian wrote to say: "When teachers are impressed with a presenter's visit, it is high praise indeed. I've heard nothing but rave reviews!"

A Calgary principal said: "Your visit was a huge success."

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