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I will certainly tell other educators! We had a fantastic two days learning

from you! We will send some stories along once they are finished.

Thanks again so very much!

J. Stead, Grade 5/6 Teacher
Pentz Elementary School, Pleasantville, Nova Scotia  (November 2022)

School Visits

It was a great visit! The students learned lots! Lots of excitement in the classrooms after. They are eager to read more of your novels.
L. Spicer, Grade 5/6 Teacher
Meadows School, Brandon, Manitoba (November, 2022)

Previous School Visits
Foam Lake Elementary, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, 1997
2nd Fort Victoria Scout Hall, Victoria BC, January 2019
Thank you so much for your encouraging and thought-provoking lesson today. Near the end of the writers workshop you had said "anything is possible", regarding where their stories can go - thank you for these encouraging words. 
K. Krause. English/Dance Teacher
Abbotsford Middle School, Abbotsford, BC, May 2021
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