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Study Guide for The St. Andrews Werewolf

Werewolves and arsonists roam the landscape around St. Andrews, New Brunswick, and Liz Austen tries to discover connections between the two. Liz, staying in a seaside cabin while she participates in a local summer stage production of the musical Annie, finds herself engrossed in perilous adventures as she, along with her Japanese friend, Makiko, probe into a variety of strange events in the town and at the mysterious old mansion on Minister's Island. Discover why a grandmother would want to keep her grandson hidden from prying eyes, and why young Emily needs, so desperately, to reveal the truths from her past.


Pre-reading suggestions

To find out about werewolves, check your local library for Jim Haskins' Werewolves, Franklin Watts, 1981. This is a very readable account of how the legend of the werewolf began.




  1. What do the abbreviations FDR and PEI stand for?

  2. Why is the road to Minister's Island called the "Road Beneath the Sea"?


 3. What do you think it means when Liz says she and Makiko are "kindred spirits"?

 4. Imagine people wearing the same clothes all winter long, even sleeping in them, and not bathing. Describe the smell.

 5. Why would Liz ask if "they test nuclear fuel around here"?


 6. List some of the pros and cons of having a new mall built on the outskirts of a small town.

 7. Liz ran into a burning house to save a cat. What do you think of her actions?

 8. A number of people showed real courage in this story. Describe what one person did, and why you admire this person. Tell about a time when you or a friend displayed courage.

 9. "Judge a person by who they are on the inside, not how they look on the outside". Describe a time when you were mistaken about a person. How do you feel about what happened?

10. If Coven Hoven were your property, how would you use it?


11. Using a dictionary, define these terms - archives - microfiche - mutation – talisman.

12. Liz tossed a pinch of salt over her shoulder. Why would she do something like that? Check your local library for the Dictionary of

13. Superstitions and look up the entries pertaining to spilled salt.

14. Mrs. O'Neal was concerned that her son was moving to Lethbridge. Using a map of Canada, try to determine how far it is from St. Andrews, New Brunswick to Lethbridge, Alberta.

Check The Canadian Encyclopedia or The Junior Encyclopedia of Canada to find out more about Sir William Van Horne.

Word Game

Rearrange the following jumbled words in the spaces to the right


15. N A U E Z L I S T - (Hint: Name - 1st name is 3 letters)

16. L I M E Y -

17. W F E L O W E R -

18. N I E A N -

19. K K M I A O -

20. Y B L O C -

21. Reorganize the underlined letters to name a popular mystery writer. Hint: First name has 4 letters, last name has 6.



  1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (p. 7) Prince Edward Island (p. 15)

  2. At high tide, the road is covered by the sea. (p. 37)

  3. They share a lot of the same ideas and feelings.

  4. Yuck!

  5. She thought that perhaps some nuclear fuel leaked and had caused a mutation to create a werewolf.

  6. Pro - more jobs, more tax money for the community, better variety for shopping, real estatevalues rise, more tourism
    Con - too much pavement, increased traffic, noise, loss of good land, perhaps real estate values fall near mall.

  7. Contrary to all safety rules.

  8. Answers will vary.

  9. Answers will vary.

  10. Answers will vary.

  11. Definitions found in dictionaries.

  12. Spilling salt is supposed to be bad luck. Tossing a pinch of salt over the shoulder gives you good fortune again.

  13. About 4700 km.

 14. Read the article.

Word Game Solutions







21. ERIC WILSON is the popular mystery writer


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